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Charity 4×4 Off Road Challenge Photos

I posted last week about a charity 4×4 challenge I was taking part in at the weekend.

If you don’t know what a challenge event is, then think orienteering with vehicles! Each vehicle has a punch sheet attached to the vehicle, and then the punches are tied to trees in rather inaccessible areas of the forest.

The aim is to get the vehicle’s punch sheet to within reach of the punch and mark it on the sheet. Then its off to find the next one. To get to the punches usually requires the use of winches and technical off road driving.

The day went really well and was fun and light hearted event. Members of Torbay 4×4 Club and East Devon Off Road Club took part and the event raised over £600 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

I managed some panel damage (large dents) to the front and rear wings of the 110 – but my best moment was reversing into a tree and smashing my rear window. I got the “numpty award” for this, which was a Land Rover Ski Teddy Bear – at least I came away with something ;)

All in all it was a very enjoyable day, and the representatives of Macmillan Cancer Support were staggered by what the vehicles could do.

So as a picture paints a thousand words – here are the photos:

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